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  • Thanksgiving!

    The holidays are upon us once again.  Can you believe the dog days of Summer are behind us? The dark and crisp earlymornings tell us Fall has returned.   However, it does seem Fall has been interrupted by Winter.  Regardless of the temperatures, seasons, or how we feel we cannot stop time, but we can be mindful of our time and how we react to the season changes and impending holidays. We are… read more

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  • “Sight Beyond Sight” 

    A few days ago I was interviewing with a Hospice company to do spiritual and bereavement care for patients and their families.  The director of nursing said; “what I’m looking for is a person with a keen sense of discernment as well as a person who can see what the nurses cannot see.”   My reply was simple, “I am the… read more

  • Stay with it!

    Everyone has a dream, a desire, a hope, or a wish.  Awish for a better life.  A wish for a better home. A wish for better health. A wish for a better job. A better marriage.  I do not know what your wish is, but I do know everyone has something they would like to achieve or become.  God has given each of us a… read more

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  • The Highest Prize

    On Sunday morning, around 4:30 AM, my life changed again… I awoke dreading the inevitable.   A year ago, Azeb started her senior year in high school. I was not looking forward to her finishing high school. Time flies when you are having fun, so I am told. I listened to Azeb talk about graduating and yet I thought I had all… read more

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  • Fight!

    On Sunday morning I had the pleasure of watching the Men’s Wimbledon Final. I was deeply touched, moved, and inspired by both men refusing to give up.  The match lasted five hours and went to a historic 12-12 tiebreaker.  Novack Djokovic won the match but it was clear it was the greatest match he ever played.   Roger Federer had match point… read more

  • Never Give UP!

    Never Give UP!   Last night I watched the NBA finals the defending champions Golden State Warriors versus the Toronto Raptors.  The Warriors were facing elimination but managed to win on Monday night and forced a game sixth at Oracle Arena.  Though Golden State lost their star player Kevin Durant the Warriors played with much determination. Friday night the Warriors… read more

  • What Now?

    Life is going to keep coming whether you are prepared or not.  Life does not wait for you and me to get prepared; life just happens. Life gives us whispers and it is in those whispers we align ourselves with what I call an instinctive voice, tune, unction to do something different.   Birds know when to fly south, trees… read more

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  • Shout!

    Along with all of Christendom, I am preparing for Holy Week or as called in Maple Hill, North Carolina, Passion Week.  Sunday, we paused and celebrated Palm Sunday, Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  All of Israel came out to welcome Jesus as he chose to ride on a colt never saddled.  Jesus was loved and the crowd came and cast their garments in front of him and shouted;… read more

  • Get Over a Yourself

    I love the season of Lent! I believe it’s my favorite season in all of Christendom. Please understand the Birth of Christ is significant to me and all of us who claim Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. However, Lent is a journey of personal discovery. No matter how many times I take this Lenten pilgrimage I still discover… read more

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  • The Power of Now

    The Power of Now I normally get up about 5 a.m. to go to work.  I have always heard the early bird gets the worm.  I am currently completing something I should have completed long ago but I will be sharing the project in a later blog.  There is so much to do, deadlines to meet, and every day the… read more

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