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What Now?

Life is going to keep coming whether you are prepared or not.  Life does not wait for you and me to get prepared; life just happens. Life gives us whispers and it is in those whispers we align ourselves with what I call an instinctive voice, tune, unction to do something different.  

Birds know when to fly south, trees know exactly when to bud, and flowers know when to bloom. Salmon know when to swim upstream and sea turtles know the exact time to lay eggs. If our ecosystem knows how, then certainly as Children of God we should know and we should be prepared.  

Time is our most precious commodity. There are two things that cannot be made again: land and time.  Once land is taken on it cannot be bought again. The same is true with time once time is used it cannot be restarted.  We have to give an account of what we did with the time we have been given. We see time as a way to do what we want and rarely discern the significance. Jesus accomplished more in 33 years because He lived an intentional life. Beloved of God, He died intentionally and was resurrected intentionally so you and I would not have to ask, “What now???”

His living ensures my future and my success. His living ensures my peace and it secures my future. In Him I live and have my being. Now get started with living! Life is waiting on you to stop counting time, but begin to make time count. Blessings to you and again, stop saying what now say now is the time!!!


  1. Melissa Holmes says:

    Awesome word! God Bless you Pastor Pickett for the inspiring and encouraging word. Time is of the essence and procrastinating needs to stop.

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