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The Power of Now

The Power of Now

I normally get up about 5 a.m. to go to work.  I have always heard the early bird gets the worm.  I am currently completing something I should have completed long ago but I will be sharing the project in a later blog.  There is so much to do, deadlines to meet, and every day the list gets longer and longer.  I am exhausted just thinking about the lists and the things we have to do.  Our lives should never be spent working from a list. However, we should plan, organize, and strategize how we are going to get it all done. Plans are a good thing, but your plans or my plans should never have us living less than our best lives.

Prioritize your list and learn to live in the moment.  Life is a journey not a marathon… I’m not as old as some but I am old enough to know what matters most.  Two years ago, I lost my dad and 14 months later I lost my younger brother.  I often wonder if I told my dad enough how much I loved him and I was glad he was my father. I then wonder if I told my brother how much he meant to me. These two questions haunted me until I got the message loud and clear.  The message is to love now!  Live now!  Ever day is a gift.  Carpe Diem: seize the day.  God has given us everything we need to do what He has purposed for our lives.  You cannot waste your day or days living in the past or living in regrets.

I hear all the time, “I could have been this or I would have done this if things were different.” I have learned life cannot be relived.  We cannot turn back the hands of time but we can make time.  As I was taking my good friend Loston Harris to celebrate his 80th birthday I asked him to give me some words of wisdom.  Loston shared these words with me; “I don’t count my time any more, Pastor I make time count.”

This is the power of now at work.  We tell people we love them now. We show people how appreciative we are for them being in our lives.  Today I hope you will begin to live everyday being present with yourself and others… All you have is now… Live in the power of now!


  1. Roger Miller says:

    This is so true and we spend so much of our time trying; mostly for others and they never seem to get the message. Today, I’m going to start my days trying for me. Good words brother. Love you.

  2. Sonobia Sharpless says:

    Awesome blog!!!

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