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The Highest Prize

On Sunday morning, around 4:30 AM, my life changed again… I awoke dreading the inevitable.  

A year ago, Azeb started her senior year in high school. I was not looking forward to her finishing high school. Time flies when you are having fun, so I am told. I listened to Azeb talk about graduating and yet I thought I had all the time in the world for Chick-fil-A runs, steak and baked potatoes, queso and tortilla chips, and last, but not least, chocolate chips or brownies with her. 

I was wrong and clearly mistaken.  Azeb was planning her exit and I was planning on Azeb staying in Virginia.  I had no idea Azeb would be moving.  I know she is ready but have her mother and I prepared her for the obstacles, pitfalls, and perils life brings?  I certainly hope so but on second thought, we must allow our children space to learn, grow, develop, and become productive members of our families and contributing members of society.  Sunday comes just like it always does and Azeb is ready to go.  I drive and the road seems endless.  We arrive at her new home away from home and she is so excited!!!

Azeb is ready to begin her own journey; she has watched her other siblings enter college and universities and now it is her turn to explore new environments, new people, and a new city away from Mom and Dad.  I now see more clearly Azeb has her mind on the prize.  Azeb cannot worry about what is behind her and neither should you and I.  We have to own this moment and lay hold to everything in front us and claim the highest purpose for ourselves.  

We must move forward, seize this day, forget who hurt you, who left you, and concentrate on everything before you — and press toward the purpose and plan God has for you!!!  I was sad but I know I must do what Azeb is doing: press toward that which lies ahead.  Azeb, like you, I am working toward a higher purpose and I too look forward to obtaining the prize… Congratulations, Azeb!  Claim your prize of higher education.  I look forward to seeing you and all who desire, live life at its highest level.  Keep pressing and the prize shall be yours.  Keep the faith!

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14


  1. Melissa Holmes says:

    Thank you for those words of inspiration. I needed that.

  2. Vilma Medrano says:

    Is really thrust in God our Lord and Savior JesusChrist.

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