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The holidays are upon us once again.  Can you believe the dog days of Summer are behind us? The dark and crisp earlymornings tell us Fall has returned.   However, it does seem Fall has been interrupted by Winter.  Regardless of the temperatures, seasons, or how we feel we cannot stop time, but we can be mindful of our time and how we react to the season changes and impending holidays.

We are approaching my favorite seasonThanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving because it is the time of year when we gather together with families, loved ones, and friends both far and near; the time of year when everyone gains weight, and no one cares;time of trying new recipes, creating new memories, revisiting old traditions, and creating or building new ones. 

Thanksgiving is also a very sad and depressing time for manyaround the world, gathering at tables with missing place settings and empty seats that will never be replaced, always vacant. We miss them and we cherish them, but Thanksgiving does not have to be sad or depressing.  We can make new memories by simply remembering them while we carve the turkey, say our blessings,giving thanks for having had them in our lives and how grateful we are for those that are still with us while sharing love for one another.  

Thanksgiving is not about what we have lost.  Thanksgiving is about having an attitude of thankfulness and a spirit of gratitude.  We have to find ways to live in gratitude for all of God’s blessings despite our losses.  If we live, we will experiencelosses, but we can live in thanksgiving knowing we showed loved, we gave love, and we shared with our families and friends how much they mean to us.

I am thankful for my wife and children, my mother, my family, and my church family.  I am thankful for my friends and those who thought it not robbery to love me and share God’s kindnesstoward me daily.  What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 

To you and yours from my family and church family  Happy Thanksgiving and keep the faith…


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