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Stay with it!

Everyone has a dream, a desire, a hope, or a wish.  Awish for a better life.  A wish for a better home. A wish for better health. A wish for a better job. A better marriage.  I do not know what your wish is, but I do know everyone has something they would like to achieve or become.  God has given each of us a Godly assignment, a plan, a purpose.  The question is: what are you doing about your wish or dream? Are you just hoping and wishing or are you on the cusp of something lifechanging?  If you are, then I am talking to you. 

My best friend decided to go back to college.  I have prayed with him and for him from the moment he decided to go to go back and always encourage him with these words: Stay with it, man; you are almost there!”  

When you are birthing a dream, or a purpose it seems as though all hell breaks loose, and this is when you must activate your faith and command as much ethos as possible to bring whatever it is you want to accomplish into fruition.  Never allow your emotions, family, job, or friends derail your dreams.  You have what it takes to achieve and make your dreams reality!  I have had many setbacks, but with every setback I stayed with it and I refused to give up on my dreams and plans God has for my life.  

Finally, I believe God has something wonderful for you, but if you cut and run you are going to miss whatHe has for you… Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord and God will bring it to pass. And whatever you do keep the faith and Stay with it!!!  


  1. Sophia Walker says:

    Another great blog post! I definitely needed to read this. Amen!

  2. At the very center of who you are you have the knowledge; you understand your power and you know what you want.

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