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“Sight Beyond Sight” 

A few days ago I was interviewing with a Hospice company to do spiritual and bereavement care for patients and their families.  The director of nursing said; “what I’m looking for is a person with a keen sense of discernment as well as a person who can see what the nurses cannot see.”  

My reply was simple, “I am the person.”  I am the person you are looking for. I have a strong gift of discernment and I know what to look for in order to find what others cannot see, and create a spiritual care plan design to combat what cannot be seen by family members or nurses and doctors. 

The question I want to propose here is what do you see?  Do you see yourself as God sees you?  Do you see the plan and purpose God has for your life?  Do you see yourself on a hamster wheel going around and around and around but getting no where fast?  Do you see yourself as worthy of God’s best? Oft times our sight is obscured by the pains of yesterday, something you tried and failed, something someone said, or you just cannot see yourself as equipped with enough ethos, skills, and education to do what you believe God has purposed and planned for your life.  

Therefore you have to do what I and others have done, and that is train yourself to see what others cannot see in you… Where would the children of Israel be without Moses? Still standing at the Red See waiting to be destroyed by Pharaoh’s army?  Where would Joseph be if he had not seen himself destined for the palace? I challenge you today to see your life through the eyes of God and through the eyes of faith and see yourself differently. God is waiting to show you what He has in store for your life.  I dare you to “walk by faith and not by sight!” 2 Cor. 5:7   Keep the faith!

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