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Along with all of Christendom, I am preparing for Holy Week or as called in Maple Hill, North Carolina, Passion Week.  Sunday, we paused and celebrated Palm Sunday, Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  All of Israel came out to welcome Jesus as he chose to ride on a colt never saddled.  Jesus was loved and the crowd came and cast their garments in front of him and shouted; “Hosanna, Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”  The word Hosanna literally means “I beg you to save!” These words were shouted with great enthusiasm, exclamation and proclamation. Shouting because help had come! Shouting because a true deliverer had come! Shouting because salvation was approaching!

However, as I approached Palm Sunday morning with palms in tow, I wonder what’s in my shout and what’s in your shout?  Am I shouting because I just want to make noise? Am I shouting because I am responding to the emotions of others? Am I shouting because everyone is shouting and making noise or am, I making noise because I know what I am shouting about?  I would rather not make any noise if I do not know why I am making noise.  My grandmother would often say when I was a child, “An empty wagon makes a lot of noise, but a full wagon will make no noise.  

I pray we will learn how to shout against injustices everywhere, I pray we will shout against gun violence, sex offenders, sex traffickers, child molestation, and anything that rises itself against the knowledge of God.  I pray you will shout in the face of opposition, status quo, and stagnation.  Shout against degradation or anything and everything that stands against you and those of us pursuing our destiny.  Shouting is different from noise.  Noise is what people make when they have no compass and no focus.  Noise is what people make when they have nothing to say at all… 

A shout is focused, a shout is given when people have seen God do some strange things in their lives and in their situation.  A shout says despite my present situation I am still shouting because I know in whom I believe.  My brothers and sisters can you shout in spite of what you feel?  Shout right in the midst of heart break and disappointments, sickness, lack of resources, and death knowing God has a plan and He has never failed yet. Keep the faith and whatever you do, shout with a voice of triumph!  Alleluia! Jesus is Lord!!! 


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