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Never Give UP!

Never Give UP!


Last night I watched the NBA finals the defending champions Golden State Warriors versus the Toronto Raptors.  The Warriors were facing elimination but managed to win on Monday night and forced a game sixth at Oracle Arena.  Though Golden State lost their star player Kevin Durant the Warriors played with much determination.

Friday night the Warriors led the entire game through three quarters.  However, in the four quarters The Raptors demonstrated not only heart but showed amazing skill, poise, and confidence.  The Raptors showed the world they were ready for whatever the Warriors had in their play book.  I shared with friends, family, and others the Raptors would win the finals because they had nothing to lose.  Last night, the Raptors went back and forth and though Klay Thompson was injured the Warriors kept their hopes alive and the Raptors stayed poised to seize a championship.

I wonder this evening how many of you are ready to live like the Raptors… How many of you are ready to seize your opportunity, seize your moment, and live with intensity and intentionality. The Raptors won because they showed up.  Half the battle to life’s greatest challenges are simply showing up… The Raptors took control and defeated the Warriors.  Yes, I know many thoughts are they were injured and had Kevin Durant not been injured it would be a different finals series.

This may be true but just like life would have and could have does not count.  All you have is now!  Use your now and never give up on your dreams keep moving forward.  Kawhi Leonard demonstrated for all of us what it means to move forward.

Kwahi became the MVP a second time because he refused to take second place to Curry, Green, Thompson and Durant.  Kawhi came to play and as a result of playing he is Champion today… Everyone please continue to move forward in your faith.  Never give up on Christ, dreams, and you… I believe you can do it if you choose to never give up!



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