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Get Over a Yourself

I love the season of Lent! I believe it’s my favorite season in all of Christendom. Please understand the Birth of Christ is significant to me and all of us who claim Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. However, Lent is a journey of personal discovery. No matter how many times I take this Lenten pilgrimage I still discover something new, intriguing, and real about myself. I pastor a new church plant and every week I encourage, inspire, and motivate members, friends and colleagues to live their best lives; yet many of us are still struggling with ourselves.
My wife does Lent every year and she said to me yesterday, “I need you to help me with me.” My response was, “You need to help yourself.” My wife did not realize I was not trying to be sarcastic or condescending. I was simply asking her to look deeper into her own agency and discover the will power to get over herself. I have to admit Lent is not about your ability to refrain from eating sweets for forty days and forty nights. Lent is about your ability to get over YOU. Our battles are not food, spending, drinking, sex, or a lack of morality. Our battles are our lack of trust in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Christ willingly entered into the wilderness to be tested. Christ did not enter into the wilderness anxious or worried. Christ entered the wilderness confident in His own strength, assurance and power. Christ got over Himself by simply yielding to His father and allowing God to do in Him what needed to be done!
The question we must ask ourselves is an easy one: When was the last time you died? When is the last time you said you yourself, man it’s not about you? When is the last time you took inventory of your own life and not your friend’s or neighbor’s? Getting over yourself is about making the necessary adjustments to one’s own life. Getting over you is not about what you lost. Getting over you is about the resilience you found while getting over your painful past, no matter how difficult it was. Getting over you is having the ability to recognize you still have work to do, but you have made a conscientious decision to trust God with your life and go with the plan He has and not your own. Hey, I’m talking to you! The you, you see when you look in the mirror. Look at him or her and ask God to help you get over you. Life is better when we look at us only. Amen. You look better already!


  1. Gertrude Pickett says:

    Never thought of it this way. Beautiful

  2. Melissa Holmes says:

    This blog is very inspiring. I love the depth of it to get over one’s self. So many of us are caught up on selfish desires not God’s will and desires. I really appreciate the focus to see this reflection of me that I must look to move out of God’s way. The spiritual breakdown of Lent season is a Blessing to many to look at this season really means.

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