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On Sunday morning I had the pleasure of watching the Men’s Wimbledon Final. I was deeply touched, moved, and inspired by both men refusing to give up.  The match lasted five hours and went to a historic 12-12 tiebreaker.  Novack Djokovic won the match but it was clear it was the greatest match he ever played.  

Roger Federer had match point on his racket, but he could not convert the win on the most coveted title of all tennis championships.  I sat there with such intensity because I witnessed the greatest match of all time being played in living memory right before me.  I was scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time.  I then noticed something deeper, more purposeful, and more majestic.  

They were playing for much more.  Both players were bringing their best game to each other.  I then begin to think about my spiritual life and how life situations and circumstances can either break us, destroy us, or make us.  Challenges are going to come and whether we are prepared for them or not they are promised to us.  Preparation is key. 

Both Federer and Djokovic were prepared to give their all; and regardless of what it takes, I have to bring my A game to the biggest stage, whether on television or not, I still have to bring my best.   Life is about risk and life is about choosing not to quit on your dreams!  Never quit, never give in, and never allow your situations and circumstances dictate your progression.  God demands we trust Him.  Our faith in God, given to us by the Holy Spirit, demands we believe it to be so!  

Fight for your destiny.  Fight for your dreams. Fight for your children. Fight for your marriage. And fight for your loved ones. When you reach the Winners Circle Jesus will give you the Crown of Life!!! But you must fight for it!  I pray this encourages you and may God continue to bless you as you fight to live your best Life… Keep the faith and continue to fight.  You will win!!! 

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